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Monday, June 13, 2011

FDA Warns on the Highly Rated Cholestrol-Lowering Agent, ZOCOR

Wats up readers!!! Sorry it really took me a while to write on this topic as I really need to make a thorough research and ensure the validity of the things that I wanted to talk about. So, here I am "memuntahkan" things I got on an infamous Cholestrol-lowering Agent known as Zocor (click for more info).
Why am I so interested in this Zocor? 
Coz this Zocor thingy has been one of the most frequent word "googled" around the world wide web recently. It's use is already a "Hot Trend" right now among Americans and Europeans. And I have no doubt that some of Malaysian also been taking these pills regularly. Biaselah, tak "amarika" la lau xtawu pasal nie haha... Anyway, Merck's & Co Inc. is the pioneer of Zocor's manufacturing. However, since they lose their patent of this drugs in 2006, tu dia bergelen2x company laen join the race to produce this drugs as the market is flying-high and demands of this drug keep on rising globally.

There are several strength available but the most wanted is the 40 mg and 80 mg tablet. The higher, the stronger lah. But stronger doesn't always means the better. But you know how people's mentalities nowadays. In addition, the tablet comes in variable shape. Different company formulate different shape of the drugs and as in picture, Merck's & Co Inc design the tablets like "Perisai".
Mercks & Co: 40 mg
"Tgk tu, tablet shape pon ley wat market beb.. lau ak diberi pilihan antara tablet bulat bosan je dgn yg perisai mcm Arsenal pny logo nie, definitely ak amik yg nie...!!" Anyway, Zocor is a controlled drug and needs prescription, but hey, thats not such a big problem isnt it? "hang maw kughuih ka dak? Org kata, ndak seribu daya, x ndak seribu dalih. Nak kughuius?" haaa tuuu dia pnya pulun... and with the help of their "personal" doctors, and the doctors plak misuse their authorities, dgn sesuka hatinye prescribe this medicine TANPA BYK SOAL (kpd kawan2x ak yg bakal2x doctor and pamasis, tlg la jgn wat cani kay...), they can get this easily...! I'm not surprise to know this coz it's really happening. But hey, what can I say, sgt effective beb ubat ni. My granpa amik tablet simvastatin to control his cholestrol level. when I check his Pathlab medical chek-up result, there's a significant reduction in his LDL and cholestrol level, in just one month...!! Cepat gile beb... boley gk nk try... tp, xyah la... badan da ckop semat dah kot no?hahahaha....!!
 HOWEVER....!! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said, it is asking doctors to stop prescribing the highest approved dosage (80mg) of the drug to *new and recent patients.(why do I highlight this, will be explain later)

The FDA has linked taking Zocor to risks of a muscle injury called myopathy, causing myositis, an increase risk of rhabdomyolisis (anything with "myo" lah sng cite haha). Merck's Zocor has been prescribed to reduce bad cholesterol that could build up inside arteries and block blood flow to the heart, brain and other parts of the body. According to abc's News, The Food and Drug Administration has added new warnings to the blockbuster cholesterol Zocor, cautioning doctors that the highest dose of the drug can cause muscle damage and potentially lethal kidney damage in rare cases. The most common side effects of Zocor include muscle pain, tenderness and weakness. While rare, more serious side effects include muscle damage that can lead to liver disease and kidney failure. They also said that: 
"....the FDA estimates to be 2 million Americans who in 2010 were prescribed 80 milligram doses of Simvastatin in one form or another -- whether as Zocor or its generic equivalent, or in the combination statin drugs Vytorin and Simcor...."
Yes, Zocor is undeniably, have been shown to dramatically lower bad cholesterol in patients with heart disease and diabetes. They are highly effective in treating artherosclerotic disease and coronary heart disease. they lower the LDL and cholestrol effectively. Despite its efficacy, many doctors said they already switch to other kinds of statins, including Crestor and Lipitor (dlm BNF pon ade), if a patient requires a higher dose. The drugs were not among those shown to raise the risk of muscle damage.

HOWEVER...!! (bape byk kali however dah ni haha...)

*Those who already on this medication for more then 12 month, should not stop abruptly. Only patients who have been taking the 80-mg dose for 12 months or longer without signs of muscle damage should continue to take Zocor, Patients should not stop taking their medication unless told by a doctor to do so. For patients who has never been given this meds and going to be prescribe, then stop doing so dear Doctors. For patient who just started being prescribed, or on this meds for less then 12 month then, stop gradually. Cut down the dose or change to another statin which aren't as high risk. This is all in the hands and shoulders of the doctors who's the one giving the prescription, to decide what to do. got the knowledge, and the authority, so use it. We all trust you coz you guys always claim that "don't worry, I'm a good doctor".. nows the time to walk the talk bebeyh. 

I guess that's all for now.. Haih.. mase menaip ni, jenuh la dok tggu laptop ni "not responding"... bengang btoy...!! tapi berkat kesabaran, dapat gak ak post pasal warning FDA terhadap Zocor nie...

To all readers, thx or spending some time, and if you guys have anything to say, kalau ade ap2x correction or improvement yg boley di buat, or any suggestion utk penambahan info, please, you are always welcome to do so. Just post your comments or wateverrrrr below kay? thx guys...!! Jgn lupe cek-out the advertisement, and click,click,click!!cari makan boss.. hehe...
Alamak!! ustaz azhar  idrus kate, coke haram...!! xpe tu bukan bibir ak... bibir ak kat page FB ak lau korg nk tgk... haha


  1. mampuih sepatah haram aku tak paham

  2. hahahalida... kompius ak mase mule2x tgk sapa dia nie... sekali ak tgh tunduk nk amik stokin ak tertengok laptop ak terbalik.. maka nmpklah nama kaw...

  3. haish..stokin kau tu spoil btol la

  4. hahaha... stokin ak memperkenalkan ak pada sorg awek best... ak bertrima kasih pada die sbb die wat spoil... hahaha


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