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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

As-salam and hi everyone....!

This will be my first post on my blogs...
I'd like to explain briefly about what drugs is all about...

Based on WHO expert committee, "A drug, broadly speaking, is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function". In "World Health Organization" Official Website, had explained in details.

As for definition, "a drug is a chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being."

Well, as for my own definition base on my understanding, drug is some chemicals inside the medicine you take. They are the ones that gives the effects and responsible for any reaction occurs. If you guys still dont understand what "drugs" is  all about, you may click on the WHO websites that I just paste above. You may also wanna check out wiki on "drugs".

Once, people have this unusual perception that drug is a bad thing as they're always related to abuse. That's where drugs are actually "bad". I must say, I was kinda dissapointed with this mentality of people. But hey, what can I say, that has change progressively parallel with our cuntry's development.

People nowadays have increase in public health awareness, they are more concern about the use of drugs, and are increasingly depending on healthcare profesional. People already have more knowledge on drugs nowadays. They know why a drug can turns out to be "The Devil Drug". There are thousands of drugs which have potential to be abuse sweetly haha... Should I put it here?or shouldn't I? haih...

For the sake of sharing knowledge on drugs, I have to. But please be warn. You must be above 18 to click this link, and must be under your concious haha... You also must be under your parents supervision if you think you are vulnerable to this info haha.. I don't wanna be responsible if ones were to explicitly abuse these drugs what I'm about to share which i retrieve from MedLine Plus...
Just click here to view the most common drugs abuse worldwide...!!

Anyway, that's all for now friends...!! Wish this blog a Happy Birthday...!!
I'm proudly representing IIUM Pharmacy students (sory gune name kejap haha) to encourage you all to "know your drugs" ok..!! 

-Awe @ Adzwan-

Happy birthday!!
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