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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boils...! Boils...! (omputih cam ak ckp BISUL) eeeeuuuwwww...........!!!

What Is A Boil (BISUL lah).....

A boil @ Furuncles (its fancy name lah), also referred to as a skin abscess, is a localized (maknenye setempat). A several boils in groups or cluster of boils that form a connected area of infection we called Carbuncle. These infection takes place deep in the skin. 

A boil generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm and hard. Eventually, the center of the abscess softens and becomes filled with infection-fighting white blood cells that the body sends via the bloodstream to eradicate the infection. This collection of white blood cells, bacteria, and proteins is known as pus (nanah). Finally, the pus "forms a head," which can be surgically opened or spontaneously drain out (sng cite, picit sendiri lah tapi bila dah sampai masa lah... toksah dok gatai2x picit time awai2x tu...).
The most common places for boils to appear are on the face, neck, armpits, shoulders, and buttocks (kat pungkok yg paling x syiok tu...kalau hampa kena xtaw nk kata la... berak x basuh ka ap?!!). When one forms on the eyelid, it is called a STY (org kampung cam ak ni kate ketumbit laa an).
Risk factors (causes @ PUNCA) for boils
Cuts, abrasions or scratches allow the bacteria to gain access to deeper tissues. Certain factors make a person more susceptible to outbreaks of boils, including:
  • Diabetes – recurring boils may be symptomatic of uncontrolled diabetes, especially for people aged over 40 years. 
  • Kidney Failure - when your kidney doesn't work very well, your immune system might be impaired
  • Poor hygiene!!! – sweat and dead skin cells in natural creases and crevices (celahan pada badan), such as the armpit, provide a hospitable home for bacteria.
  • Nutrition – inadequate nutrition may reduce a person’s natural immunity.
  • Broken skin – other skin conditions, such as eczema, can break the skin surface.
  • Drug induce (kawan2x, ni ley masuk Drug related problem nih... hahaha) - Many medications can suppress (tahan @ halang @ block @ kurangkan etc) the normal immune system and increase the risk of developing boils. These medications include cortisone medications (prednisone [Deltasone, Liquid Pred] and prednisolone [Pediapred Oral Liquid, Medrol]) and medications used for cancer chemotherapy.
How to treat boils.......??? Easy beb... Simple-pimple je bro.........

First and Foremost.........!!! you must remember, the treatment should begin as soon as a boil is noticed since early treatment may prevent later complications.

A. Self-Care at Home - Home therapies should only be used on small boils. If your boil is bigger than a pea (kacang botak ke ap?haha...) or has a lot of redness around it, seek medical attention rather than trying to deal with it yourself.
  • Apply warm compresses, and soak the boil in warm water. This will decrease the pain and help draw the pus to the surface. Once the boil comes to a head, it will burst with repeated soakings (maksudnye, kene rendam byk kali la baru jadi... lau rendam skali pastu nk jadi teros, baek korg hiris je kulit korg tu...). This usually occurs within five to seven days of its appearance. You can make a warm compress by soaking a wash cloth in warm water and squeezing out the excess moisture.
  • When the boil starts draining, wash it with an antibacterial soap (bukan sabun biase ye... selalunye org pakai dettol atau protex)until all the pus is gone. Apply a medicated ointment and a bandage. Continue to wash the infected area two to three times a day and to use warm compresses until the wound heals.

  • Do not...!!! pop the boil with a needle. This usually results in making the infection worse.
B. Medical Treatment
  • Antibiotics are often used to eliminate the accompanying bacterial infection. Especially if there is an infection of the surrounding skin, the doctor often prescribes antibiotics.  
  • However, antibiotics are not needed in every situation. In fact, antibiotics have difficulty penetrating the outer wall of an abscess well and often will not cure an abscess without additional surgical drainage. 
  • If the boil is large, your doctor may need to open it up and drain the pus. This is done with a scalpel after the area of the boil is numbed with a local anesthetic (see explanation below).
  • If the infection is deep, your doctor may put some gauze (cloth made of cotton, mcm kain nipis yg mcm tuk tutup luka tu la...) in the incision to keep it open and draining. The gauze is usually removed in two days.
  • If there are concerns about the seriousness of the infection, blood tests may be needed. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics if the infection is severe.
  • A large skin abscess caused by bacteria called the staphelococcus sp infection may need to be surgically opened and drained and treated with intravenous antibiotics (injecting directly through the vein as taken by mouth is not very effective... bunyi cam sakit tapi x sakit pon sebenarnye...).
Local Anaesthetic - (pain reliever)
  • Benzocaine is a local anesthetic (numbing medication). It works by blocking nerve signals in your body. Benzocaine topical is used to reduce pain or discomfort caused by minor skin irritations. 
  • Use exactly as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor. Do not use in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended.
  • Apply a thin layer of benzocaine topical to the affected area up to 4 times per day. If using the spray, hold the container 6 to 12 inches away from the skin. Do not spray this medication onto your face.
  • Do not use benzocaine topical to treat large skin areas or deep puncture wounds. Avoid using the medicine on skin that is raw or blistered, such as a severe burn or abrasion
Antibiotics - according to the Malaysian National Antibiotic Guidelines (2008)

PO - taken orally
q12h - 2 times daily
q6h - 4 times daily
For Methicillin-Resistance S. Aureus (MRSA) Infection -  we definitely can't use the B.lactam or penicillin base antibiotic. Therefore, you might want to consider using the Macrolides (eg, Erytromycin ethylsuccinate) and the 2nd or 3rd Gen Cephalosporine (eg. Cefuroxime or Ceftriaxone)

Eg of Cetriaxone that is available according to MIMS Malaysia:

1. Cefaxone (ceftrixaone Na) by Zyfas 
2. Celltriaxone DHA (ceftriaxone Na) by Pharmaniaga logistics
3. Ceftrex (cweftriaxone Na) by Medispec
4. Mesporin (Ceftriaxone Disodium) by Mepharm (Switzerland)
5. Trixon (ceftriaxone Na) by Antah Pharma
6. Vaxcel Ceftrixone (ceftriaxnoe Na) by Kotra Pharma
and ETC......................
(daaaaaan byk lagi lah... ni contoh2x yg selalu ade kat pamasi kat Malaysia nie........)

Ok lah... I think that's all for now... Hopefully this will help a bit
Thx for visiting my blog............!! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Duromine (Phentermine): Appetite-Suppressant - Super-Killer Diet Pills...!!

Good Day Everyone.....!
Have you heard of DUROMINE? Well if you guys used to be on a strict, intense, unnecessary diet, then you might have come across this drugs. It is essentially a weight loss drug. It suppresses the appetite. The most important ingredient of Duromine is Phentermine (dlm BNF edition 59 ade, tp Duromine xde...) - a generic drug. There are also other top brand names such as Adipex Retard, Ionamin, Adipex-P and etc. This so-called killer pills is under the class of Psychotropic (which means bertindak kat kepale otak hang...)... Juuuust like Amphetamine @ Ecstacy, (ley bagi kome pening...)

Apahal aku kesah sangat pasal "woman's ecstacy" nie??

Becoz It is a highly effective weight-loss super freaking diet pills, which has now, been widely ABUSE and PRESCRIBE w/o proper check-up by doctors.  People can easily get this from clinics at around RM1.50 - RM2. There has been so many cases and I have met several individuals with several testimonial from the web claiming they loose up to 7KG in a week!! Gila Tok Imaaaaaaaam....!! 

However...!!, if you suddenly stop taking eat, you might end up gaining up to 2-fold of your previous weight loss (approximately in 2-3 months)...!! hahahahahambik kaw...!! 

Amik seminggu, turun 7 kilo, celebrate, naek 14 kilo, amik lagi seminggu, turun balik 7 kilo, celebrate, naek balik 14 kilo... last2x berat kaw at the end of the year 164 kilo... asalnye 54 kilo... ideal x ideal la kan berat kaw... hahaha...

What the heck that makes it so effective? 
Duromine kills your appetite - meaning you eat less. This in turn leads to weight loss. Furthermore:

"Phentermine is effectively combined with RESIN and this result in SLOW RELEASE (take note ye kawan2x) thereby prolonging the effect of Duromine" said the writer @ researchers in a fatbinder website

People who are classed as obese or heavily overweight ONLY should take Duromine....!!
(nk kne tulis beso lagi ke?ckop kot nooo...) 

To buy Duromine you will need a prescription (lau xtaw pe mnde nie, mmg nk kne lempang) from a doctor. It is not an over the counter drug.  

prescription sample

Let say if you really need this medicine, and the doctors have made a thorough check-up, and prescribe you this: before you even accept the prescription, YOU MUST LET THE DOCTORS KNOW several important informations. Don't wait for the doctors to ask, coz some don't even bother, so, trust me... You have to start talking. Tell them
a. you're on other diet pills're on other psychotropic drugs
c.medication for migrain eg: Cafergot
d. you're on any cough and cold medicine
e. you're taking any hormone for thyroid treatment
f. you're on hypertension medicine
g. you're taking any medicine which doesn't require prescription (Over-the-Counter Drugs)


a. pregnant
b. period of lactation (menyusu bayi)
c. Hypertension
f. Heart disease eg: Angina
g. Diabetic
h. Epilepsy (Seizures)

However...!! (man I just love this word) 
Some precaution needs to be taken while on this DUROMINE:
1) do regular medical check-up
2) Inform your doctors immediately if you experiencing a drastic weight loss, chest pain, fainted or difficulties in breathing.
3) Becareful when handling machines or equipments and while driving
4) No alcohol consumption
5) Let the doctors know when you wanna take any cough and cold medicine

Duromine comes with a host of side effects. The LESS SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS are:

1. It can cause insomnia, light headedness, breathing problems, fatigue
2. Swelling of the ankle, shooting up of the blood pressure, 
3. Restlessness and weakness.
4. Dry mouth or an unpleasant taste in your mouth
5. Diarrhea or constipation, upset stomach.
6. Altered sex drive and as usual.... IMPOTENCY (why the heck impotence is not in the "more serious" category..??).

The MORE SERIOUS side effects are:

1. feeling short of breath, even with mild exertion
2. chest pain, feeling like you might pass out;
3. swelling in your ankles or feet;
4. pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest;
5. confusion or irritability, unusual thoughts or behavior;
6. feelings of extreme happiness or sadness; or
7. dangerously high blood pressure (severe headache, blurred vision, buzzing in your ears, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, uneven heartbeats, seizure).

(Hambik kaw... Punye byk side effects... Nie mmg "side effects overweight the benefits" la nie...)
Instead of taking all this dangerous and harmful pills, why not just get your ass up, jogs, swims, or anything, For guys, do not make cycling as your daily activities! It makes you impotence as well..!! As surprising as it is, its a fact that you just can't deny. Believe it or not, click here if you wanna be sure about this. 
(haha... drpd aku naek beskal ari2x 2-3jam, x kurus2x, ltey nk mampus, pastu mandul, baek aku amik Duromine nie 2mnggu, pastu turun 14kilo... mandul tetap mandul... tapi xde la ltey dan bazir 3jam ak hahaha...!!)

Anyway, have a healthy diet, do a lot of exercises, and instead of taking the pills I've mentioned, it's better to consider food supplements such as HERBALIFE (ok what herbalife an?), Melilea Organic, Phyto Fiber/ Revell, etc . 

Oh by the way, I have a good news! Have you heard about fat binders? These are one of the best food supplement for loosing weight available in the market. There are Liposinol, Lipobind and Proactol. These products are very effective if you really wanna sheds off several pounds, with so-much-lesser-lower-almost-no-side-effects and also safer...!! Especially Proactol. Besides, it also enhance your energy level to some extent. They will actually increase your body metabolism, utilizing all the fats and proteins in your body, convert them into energy...!! Well that wasn't sounds so bad wasn't it? 

Anyway, Its your choice... Just Make sure before you consume anything, think twice-twice-multiply-squared or watever!! think like sooo masak smpi hangit pon xpe...  
Its not my job to say which medicine works best or not because... 
"different individual reacts differently to medicine (at least in a way).."
(post sebelum nie da pnh mention dah...)

You know yourself, do not hide anything from your physician, choose wisely.
You, can make a difference... hahahaha... familiar gile ayat nih.......!!

p/s: I would like to give credits to abg pamasi yg wat blog ni ----> Thx Bro...!!

(If anything that I've said above has something wrong, please let me know, post comments, email or whatever..thx for your supports...!!)

Monday, June 13, 2011

FDA Warns on the Highly Rated Cholestrol-Lowering Agent, ZOCOR

Wats up readers!!! Sorry it really took me a while to write on this topic as I really need to make a thorough research and ensure the validity of the things that I wanted to talk about. So, here I am "memuntahkan" things I got on an infamous Cholestrol-lowering Agent known as Zocor (click for more info).
Why am I so interested in this Zocor? 
Coz this Zocor thingy has been one of the most frequent word "googled" around the world wide web recently. It's use is already a "Hot Trend" right now among Americans and Europeans. And I have no doubt that some of Malaysian also been taking these pills regularly. Biaselah, tak "amarika" la lau xtawu pasal nie haha... Anyway, Merck's & Co Inc. is the pioneer of Zocor's manufacturing. However, since they lose their patent of this drugs in 2006, tu dia bergelen2x company laen join the race to produce this drugs as the market is flying-high and demands of this drug keep on rising globally.

There are several strength available but the most wanted is the 40 mg and 80 mg tablet. The higher, the stronger lah. But stronger doesn't always means the better. But you know how people's mentalities nowadays. In addition, the tablet comes in variable shape. Different company formulate different shape of the drugs and as in picture, Merck's & Co Inc design the tablets like "Perisai".
Mercks & Co: 40 mg
"Tgk tu, tablet shape pon ley wat market beb.. lau ak diberi pilihan antara tablet bulat bosan je dgn yg perisai mcm Arsenal pny logo nie, definitely ak amik yg nie...!!" Anyway, Zocor is a controlled drug and needs prescription, but hey, thats not such a big problem isnt it? "hang maw kughuih ka dak? Org kata, ndak seribu daya, x ndak seribu dalih. Nak kughuius?" haaa tuuu dia pnya pulun... and with the help of their "personal" doctors, and the doctors plak misuse their authorities, dgn sesuka hatinye prescribe this medicine TANPA BYK SOAL (kpd kawan2x ak yg bakal2x doctor and pamasis, tlg la jgn wat cani kay...), they can get this easily...! I'm not surprise to know this coz it's really happening. But hey, what can I say, sgt effective beb ubat ni. My granpa amik tablet simvastatin to control his cholestrol level. when I check his Pathlab medical chek-up result, there's a significant reduction in his LDL and cholestrol level, in just one month...!! Cepat gile beb... boley gk nk try... tp, xyah la... badan da ckop semat dah kot no?hahahaha....!!
 HOWEVER....!! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said, it is asking doctors to stop prescribing the highest approved dosage (80mg) of the drug to *new and recent patients.(why do I highlight this, will be explain later)

The FDA has linked taking Zocor to risks of a muscle injury called myopathy, causing myositis, an increase risk of rhabdomyolisis (anything with "myo" lah sng cite haha). Merck's Zocor has been prescribed to reduce bad cholesterol that could build up inside arteries and block blood flow to the heart, brain and other parts of the body. According to abc's News, The Food and Drug Administration has added new warnings to the blockbuster cholesterol Zocor, cautioning doctors that the highest dose of the drug can cause muscle damage and potentially lethal kidney damage in rare cases. The most common side effects of Zocor include muscle pain, tenderness and weakness. While rare, more serious side effects include muscle damage that can lead to liver disease and kidney failure. They also said that: 
"....the FDA estimates to be 2 million Americans who in 2010 were prescribed 80 milligram doses of Simvastatin in one form or another -- whether as Zocor or its generic equivalent, or in the combination statin drugs Vytorin and Simcor...."
Yes, Zocor is undeniably, have been shown to dramatically lower bad cholesterol in patients with heart disease and diabetes. They are highly effective in treating artherosclerotic disease and coronary heart disease. they lower the LDL and cholestrol effectively. Despite its efficacy, many doctors said they already switch to other kinds of statins, including Crestor and Lipitor (dlm BNF pon ade), if a patient requires a higher dose. The drugs were not among those shown to raise the risk of muscle damage.

HOWEVER...!! (bape byk kali however dah ni haha...)

*Those who already on this medication for more then 12 month, should not stop abruptly. Only patients who have been taking the 80-mg dose for 12 months or longer without signs of muscle damage should continue to take Zocor, Patients should not stop taking their medication unless told by a doctor to do so. For patients who has never been given this meds and going to be prescribe, then stop doing so dear Doctors. For patient who just started being prescribed, or on this meds for less then 12 month then, stop gradually. Cut down the dose or change to another statin which aren't as high risk. This is all in the hands and shoulders of the doctors who's the one giving the prescription, to decide what to do. got the knowledge, and the authority, so use it. We all trust you coz you guys always claim that "don't worry, I'm a good doctor".. nows the time to walk the talk bebeyh. 

I guess that's all for now.. Haih.. mase menaip ni, jenuh la dok tggu laptop ni "not responding"... bengang btoy...!! tapi berkat kesabaran, dapat gak ak post pasal warning FDA terhadap Zocor nie...

To all readers, thx or spending some time, and if you guys have anything to say, kalau ade ap2x correction or improvement yg boley di buat, or any suggestion utk penambahan info, please, you are always welcome to do so. Just post your comments or wateverrrrr below kay? thx guys...!! Jgn lupe cek-out the advertisement, and click,click,click!!cari makan boss.. hehe...
Alamak!! ustaz azhar  idrus kate, coke haram...!! xpe tu bukan bibir ak... bibir ak kat page FB ak lau korg nk tgk... haha

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